alles is er al – book


alles is er al / everything is already there [NL/ENG] is my graduation project. After publishing my first book Play, I found myself locked in a couple of ways. Not only was my radius of action limited due to another lockdown in The Netherlands, my inspiration somehow also seemed to be locked. Where ideas usually flow my way easily, I suddenly had no idea what to make or where to start.

Then I reminded myself of the lesson from Play: just begin, it always turns into something. With this in mind, I picked up my camera, went outside and started taking photos on the street in my neighborhood, with no purpose other than to just get started. Similarly, I started taking objects from my house or found on the street to my studio to photograph. I just followed what I felt like shooting, not thinking in good or bad, just doing, always focusing on my nearby surroundings.

What started as a seemingly random collection of images eventually transformed into a new series. One that is about how I don’t need to reach in order to create. Everything is already there, right in front of me; all I need to do is see it. It is also about seeing the beauty in the small, the simple, the everyday.

The photos in the book are combined with poems.

photography – Eva Veldhoen

design – Marjolein Heije

words – Eva Veldhoen, Tom Ruben

printing – Libertas Pascal

paper inside – Metapaper Smooth White, 160 grams

paper cover – idem, finished with a glossy laminate

pages – 40 + 4 pages cover

binding – loose binding with elastic cord

dimensions – 21 x 29 x 0,5 cm

edition – 200

Also available at:
De Utrechtse Boekenbar (Utrecht)
Self Publishers United (online bookshop)
Museum EICAS (Deventer)
Librairie du Palais (Arles)

Pickup in Deventer free
Shipping to NL €5,50
Shipping to EU €6,50
Shipping worldwide €13


Additional information

Dimensions 29 × 21 × 1 cm