* New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 *

‘Let me take you past the noise, to where the light is’

After following the rational for a long time, I realized that the world of imagination, emotion and aesthetics is where my true passion and strength lies. Therefore, in 2018, I took a leap and left my lawyer’s career to pursue a creative life as a photographer.

I am always searching for beauty. I want to capture, share and celebrate it. Because beauty comforts, gives hope, inspires. I find it in shapes, compositions and colors; these are my tools to capture the – in my eyes – essence of something. Often ‘less is more’ applies: by leaving out, focusing, it is possible to show the purest and most beautiful version of something, create order from chaos.

For me, beauty goes hand in hand with realness. Only when realness filters through, I am touched. This can be found in an underlying story or emotion, a composition that is just not right, a wandering gaze, humor. Something that itches, a little edge. A picture is perfect for me when there is imperfection. I am always balancing between styling/shape/aesthetics on the one hand and reality/emotion/story on the other.

I get inspired by the external, physical world around me, but also – maybe even more – by my own imagination. This has to do with my own path, which has been (and still is) about reconnecting with my intuition, peeling off the layers that have come to cover it. Underneath the layers, the masks, the distraction, is where I feel our essence is, where there is pureness. This is where true beauty exists. In the essence we are all the same and connected to each other and the world around us. I want to create work around these themes, in which my love for shape, composition and/or color comes back, so that everything comes together.

As a photographer I am particularly interested in the intersections between the different disciplines. I don’t really need to belong somewhere, be boxed by a definition. I want to learn the rules, in order to be able to also break them and make my own. It does not matter what I am looking at – a person, building, place or object, it’s about the beauty I perceive in it underneath the noise and showing that to the world.