Tour de Holland Part II: Eindhoven


So, on day 2 of our little design/culture/culinary tour we went (first) to… Eindhoven! Why Eindhoven??!! you might think, but if you skip the ugly city centre and go straight to the Strijp S area and surroundings, Eindhoven can be so cool!!! Strijp S used to locate the factories of Dutch electronic giant Philips. After they left Eindhoven, the area has been redeveloped (and is still being redeveloped), turning it into the new creative and cultural hub in town. The annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) is (partly) held here and you can find restaurants, cafes, studios and more here. One of the Strijp S’ highlights is definitely Radio Royaal, which used to be a temporary restaurant (linked to DDW), but is here permanently now. I went there a couple of times now and it has been a delight every time. It’s located in Philips’ old energy house, which gives it a rough and industrial touch – just fantastic! The food (French/German) is simple but really good, make sure to try their shrimp croquettes. Oh and bonus of course are their inspiring toilets. 😉 More photos to follow!!

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