The Granny Alphabet




Described  by The Sartorialist as “one of the cutest, most sincere books on personal style I’ve ever seen” I was immediately drawn to this book. Remember Tim Walker’s photography for Mulberry’s Fall 2012/2013 campaign? Of course these are only a few examples of all the great photos shot by this man.
His latest book The Granny Alphabet celebrates the indomitable spirit of little old ladies who live down the lane. As Walker says in the book: “I’ve not been very good at growing up, but as I get older this seems to have been one of the better decisions life has made for me. To retain a child’s eye when peering through the camera’s viewfinder is to see the world as half magic, half horror. Old age brings back this childlike clarity of vision, and so children and the elderly have an agreement, a bond united both by a sense of being out of time and by the brilliantly reckless lack of responsibility that bookends adulthood and allows them to see things as they really are. This is why I’ve always loved the very old and the very young, whether in age or spirit, and why I’ve taken the photographs for this book – part a photographic love letter to the elderly and part documentation of they dying breed of little old ladies who live down the lane.” Go check out this wonderful book!
Photographs by Tim Walker | verse by Kit Hesketh-Harvey

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