Shino is one of my coolest friends. She always astonishes me with her looks. What I really like about her is that she is super attentive as far as anything aesthetic is concerned. ¬†Whether it concerns how she dresses, decorates her house or the table for diner or wraps a present. That is probably why I can relate to her so well (although my decoration of tables is usually limited to throwing in some plates and cutlery and then I wait for Daan to bring in the food.. Oh and I do like my leggings and jogging pants..) (apart from the fact that she is just a really nice person – did I tell you yet how much I appreciate people for just being nice?). It might be a Japanese thing (if so, I definitely need to go to Japan very very soon (why am I not in a plane right now???!)). We met only three times in real life (once in Berlin, once in Utrecht and two weeks ago in Antwerp), but it feels like it has been much more. Let’s catch up again soon!!

p.s. I want more people on the blog!! The thing is that I am not so good in putting myself in front of someone, shamelessly taking his/her picture. I easily feel uncomfortable, especially when I need more than one photo to get the right one. It doesn’t help that my Fuji X100s (yep, I changed my X100 for its younger sister a couple of months ago; very happy with it) doesn’t zoom. Now I need to get really close to people to take their portraits. I’ll try to be more brave and just do it. (New year’s resolution #1!)

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