Paris / Le 104

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 About Le 104: it’s a former city mortuary, located in the 19th arrondissement (at 5 rue Curial) (it’s not that far, just take your Vélib!), turned into a monumental arts space. It boasts a dense cultural program, two restaurants, a couple of shops, a pizza truck and an organic market on the weekend. When we visited there was this ‘Circulations’ photo exhibition presenting the work of young European artists, some of which was really nice. Locals seem to hang out here a lot, enjoying a beer at the wood-covered Café Cache, dancing or practicing hula hoop. 🙂 A vibrating and friendly place, so go check it out! By the way, we found out about it through GoGoParis – a young city guide that gives you the hottest spots to eat/drink/shop/sleep/hang out in Paris, focussing on emerging local designers, independent boutiques, small neighbourhood bars and fresh new restaurants ‘that no other guide knows about yet’. The locations are constantly updated on an iPhone app and a new guide is released every six months, so they’re guaranteed100% fresh. Another thing to check out when in Paris!

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