It’s been a bit quiet on the blog lately with sweet little Rosa having arrived to our lifes. But, slowing waking up from my baby-loving-feeding-caring-cocoon, I am finding some time again to figure out ideas and thoughts that are not just baby related. 😉

So, as promised, here is a little post about Het Paradijs, a cute little shop annex studio located in the Klarendal district of Arnhem, where nice, often surreal/funny/animals involving illustrations – think dogs holding cup cakes or bunnies riding bicycles – are created and sold in print or accessories like posters, bags and cards. One of the owners is actually the designer of the cool ‘Take a Bath’ teaset I wrote about before. Anyhow, a perfect little shop to find yourself (ok ok, or a friend!) a gift or two.

© Eva V.

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