New Year’s resolutions

So… here are my New Year’s resolutions:

1) be more brave (see previous post)

2) keep seeing beauty, the little detail

3) bring more creativity into work 

(my job: lawyer. Specialization: intellectual property law. 

And this is where the good things happen: 

intellectual property = law + creation = me in my element)

4) continue with this blog / post more regularly 

(4 day work week, baby, …. where to find the time…?! 

I’ll do my best = promise to myself)

5) stop losing phones…

6) chocolate and wine: enjoy but try not to overdose

7) go with the flow (thanks Rosa for the insight)

8) appreciate all the goods things in life and accept the bad 

(clich̩ Рsorry Рbut has proven to keep me on the happy trail!)

9) eliminate the moth community that has taken over my closet

10) last but not least – go to at least one of the following cities: 

Paris (prettiness all over) / Berlin (Lasse & Shino, cool, 

Currywurst) / London (Marnix, Kim, Kerry, MORO, 

Borough Market) / Stockholm (never been there, ACNE 

+ 50 other reasons)

What are yours?

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