More happy bags!


Oh, how I couldn’t resist the happiness… A while ago, when Daan (= lovely husband) had teared one of my Susan Bijl’s bags between the spokes of his bike (= not so lovely) and I was ready for some new colors (which Susan is always happy to provide), I ordered two new nylon bags from her webshop. Apparently the bags’ sizes had been changed (or I just didn’t pay attention), so instead of receiving a normal and large sized bag, I received a normal and tiny little bag. The tiny little bag seemed not so useful at first, but it has turned out to be a perfect carrier for (a) swimming pants (thanks Lasse for the brilliant idea) and (b) toys (meaning that our 1-year-old (Rosaaaa!!!!) has her own Susan Bijl now). So if you’re still deciding on what christmas present to buy for your friend (big or little), think of the tiny little Susan Bijl.
p.s. since the bags are are easily folded flat, they serve as a perfect mailbox present for  friends living far away. 🙂

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