A weekend in… Antwerp


I have been in Antwerp for the weekend (I know, it’s only Saturday, but why not go away for the weekend during the week and come back in the weekend so you still have the weekend ahead of you before work starts again?! Isn’t this just the discovery of the century??!) Anyhow, a weekend in Antwerp is not complete without a visit to Goossens, an artisanal bakery that has been there since 1884. And here you go, one of the best things of the weekend, after catching up with friends and enjoying family life: the food.

p.s. another great place for food that you shouldn’t miss when in Antwerp is Fiskebar, a fish restaurant located ‘op ‘t Zuid’ (the southern part of town). Especially with good company – thanks Lasse & Shino for the lovely time!! – nothing can go wrong here. 🙂

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